Ghoststories & the 10-yr-old Techies

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When I was young (9? 12?) we would occasionally have sleepovers with several kids. Turning the lights down, getting under the covers, we’d tell ghost stories and shriek when the tree branch rubbed against the window (or maybe it was my brothers, or a burglar – who knew?)

In a momentary fit of insanity I decided the day my two daughters were out on sleepovers I’d let my son have 2 friends over on the same night. Neither parent of the other two boys pointed out the glaring lapse of judgment so all the boys got ready for the night.

PJ’s, check. Wash feet, check (I don’t know why boy’s first move upon entering a bedroom is to stomp on the pillows their faces will go on in 2 hours, but they do.) Brush teeth. Try again. Check.

Now they start announcing they are scared. They discuss the need for bravery. They build a fort to guard themselves from the evil menace. They gather all their courage, enter the room, a menacing shriek is heard and they all run screeching from the room. Have shadows fallen across the window?

No. They have set up a ‘prank.’ When a computer key is hit a ghost pops up on the screen and gives a ghostly moan. I guess spooky branches have gone high-tech.

(In case you’re wondering – boys doing this for 2 hours definitely counts as an everyday disaster.)

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  1. Everyday Disasters » Carnival of Family Life #50 said,

    04.15.07 at 7:28 pm

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  2. skeet said,

    04.20.07 at 4:49 am

    LOL! I loved sleepovers and ghost stories when I was younger. Why is scaring yourself silly so much fun? Laughing too at “the ghost in the machine!” Who knew hauntings had gone high-tech?

    I’m a very late visitor for the Carnival of Family Life. Do you think I’ll visit everyone before the next one posts? :0D