Cooler Disaster
I see a lot of looming disasters that I can help fix. Does “My house is a disaster ring a bell?”  Follow my simple steps to getting it cleaned. (You could do the work yourself, but what’s the fun in that?)  I originally wrote the How To Hire the Maid category as a book to get me through the craziness of trying out new maids. 

Driving around I often wonder how we all avoid killing each other.  Vehicle safety is just some of my thoughts on things auto and community designers could do to not make it harder than it needs to be out there.

Then there’s the real inspiration for the blog – thinking about a community planning process for long range potential disasters. It’s all a game – any given disaster is not terribly likely & in fact your community may never be hit by disaster. But if you think about plans routinely the actual problem can be just a bump in the road. Guiliani and his command center was somewhat of a conceited extravegance before 9/11; even though it was destroyed, planning it helped NYC deal with the disaster quickly and effectively. In contrast, New Orleans had only a rudimentary planning process (Pam).

If you’re a community planner –  What would you do if you know the scenario will occur? Since it’s a game we don’t have to argue about whether global warming is real, irreversable or significant. We just get to develop a plan that we’d look at if something bad did happen. Just for Fun I’ll add other disasters periodically.