Shock & Awe Ebola

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Every so often the universe takes a terrible tragedy and adds an element of slapstick. The latest Ebola outbreak was expected to infect up to 1.4 million people without the aggressive interventions already started. That someone infected made it into the US couldn’t have come as a shock to anyone. That the person is in Texas and the case was mishandled is just cosmic irony at work.

 Small Business Campaign

Texas raised eyebrows in the past year by advertising aggressively in the NYC region to encourage small business owners to move to Texas to get lower taxes and a ‘more business-friendly’ climate. I can’t wait for the NY response ads in Texas pushing our superior health care system and Ebola-unfriendly climate.

 Shock & Awe

Texans are partial to shock and awe solutions. What happens when there’s evidence that vermin checked out the vomit in the parking lot from the Ebola victim and ticks in Texas are infected with Ebola? The clear solution will be to evacuate the area and bomb the infected wildlife to oblivion.

Another Angle

Assuming you are not in favor of either of the above ideas you might want to contribute to the CDC’s nonprofit foundation to study Ebola (Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever) in the wild and to help ramp up the response efforts.

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