Afghanistan is a Slightly Post-medieval Tribal Culture?

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Wasn’t fostering a way to forge relationships in the middle ages?

Instead of spiraling troops upward in Afghanistan, wouldn’t it make more sense to invite a child (12 years old?) from each family to spend a year in the US with a host family? Ideally you’d have a representative from every family here to be able to go back and talk about where the US is coming from in it’s ideas.  With luck, it will be seen as so desirable that you may be able to offer every child of tribal leaders a chance for their year in the US.

Concentrate on English as a second language in school. If they lack basic schooling, have them assist in kindergarten or first grade classes while their American peers are studying core subjects.  Have them rejoin their peers for gym, music, art.  I’d make it clear that the child will accompany the host family to their religious services each week although the child would be assisted in their religious observances.  Try to get the children involved in community soccer or other sports leagues.  A reccommended number of museum trips and a required visit to an amusement park should make the year one that will make an impact their entire life.

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