What to Bring to The Auction – Administration Committee

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(Out of order, but I just ran an auction so it’s fresh in my mind.)

Auction Item Set-up

(the period before the auction when you fill the room with auction items)


 the pile of bid sheets (NOT on clipboards),

at least 3 labels for each item with the item number and title typed on – these will be placed on items that have mysteriously lost their number and on all associated packing materials that are hidden under the tables during the auction.

pens or pencils for bidding,

 the computer, printer. cables, paper, extra ink,


A  box with items for the evening:

staplers (roughly one for every 40 items)

marker pens (3-10, depending on the size of the event and how bad you are at holding on to things)

Cashier sign, money box

Help desk sign

Payment labels for those who have left their credit card on file (Thanks them for pre-registering credit cards and directs them to go directly to item pickup)

Payment labels with cash, check and accepted credit card company boxes and space for number, expiration date and signature.

If you have more than 75 items and they are not arranged in numeric order around the room plan on rearranging them while the results of the bidding are being processed. Bring signs for where you will move items to. (For instance Items 1-30, Items 31-60, etc.)

Shopping bags for those items that can be reasonably be packed.

Table seating/Registration Support

Walk-in registration sheets – for some reason there are always a few people that come to a formal event without a reservation – frequently someone’s Aunt Mary who dropped by unexpectedly. Even if they are just appearing for 1/2 an hour during the cocktail hour to show support, it is imperative that you capture their name and address and assign them a bidding number so that they can buy somthing if the spirit moves them and you can get their item to them if they leave early.

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