Time for Auction Item Reminder Letter

Posted in Running A Non-profit Auction at 8:01 pm

You’re having a school auction but you’ve decided to take it easy now that you’ve booked the place and the band? Not quite yet.

 Before everyone scatters to the four winds send out a gentle announcement –

  • Let people know the date.
  • Remind people you will be asking for item donations and that summer travels can yield exciting gifts.  Getting a hotel you are staying at to donate a weekend is always popular. Even with today’s global economy, buying local items can be an inexpensive way to add a touch of the exotic to your auction.
  • Those who don’t have financial resources to travel to distant locals can still use the summer to create valuable donations.  A basket of homemade babyclothes is adorable and everyone can always use a baby gift.
  • Free time in the summer can also be used to get tickets to shows.  Writing to local theater companies or even to TV shows that offer free tickets with significant lead times can make your donation a very special addition to the auction item list. (Worry about getting someone to donate their miles for tickets later.)

Auctions can be filled with items people are happy to pay for with a little advance planning and the support of your community.

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