Penni’s Story

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If you’re new – I wrote the How to Hire A Maid like a book. Click Table of Contents for future articles and links to old blogs in a more comprehensible order – or just click here & go to the bottom to read it straight through by scrolling up to each article.

Getting the Job You Want From Your Maid

Not everyone is comfortable with giving their maid a job description in the form of lists. Sometimes the language barrier is too great and sometimes the employer is just crazy. Penni Perfect’s maids have always been wonderful people from the local community who speak English perfectly.

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Penni’s home is perfect – everything always in it’s place and well cleaned. Her perfect husband (what other kind would Penni have?) is well trained. He always puts his plates in the sink and in wild and crazy moments he flings his laundry to the bottom of the stairs by the laundry room. How she (or perhaps his mother?) trained him to recognize a relationship between the pants that just left his feet and himself is beyond me. Both my husband and son stare at their dirty pants like they have never seen them before should they be asked to put them in the hamper. All guests are trained to put cutlery in the dishwasher sharp ends up.

Penni expects her maid to know how to clean a room. Should said maid miss an area and dust accumulate (gasp!,) Waldo comes to the rescue.

Waldo is a 6” high plastic Waldo figure based on the Where’s Waldo series. In these terrific books Waldo hides in wonderfully detailed drawings. The reader has to find Waldo.

In Penni’s house Waldo hides in the dust. The maid cleans odd nooks and crannies until she finds Waldo. Both Penni & her maid think this is fun and a great, non-confrontational way to get across an area that’s been overlooked.

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