DPW Truck Flashers – Hazardous to Worker Health?

Posted in Just A Thought, Vehicle Safety at 3:19 pm

When new ‘safety equipment’ for municipal workers is required in NJ how extensively is it tested?

The strobe lights that are showing up on trash trucks and police cars make me wonder.  If you are over a certain age, bright lights can be problematic when driving.  I’m just arriving at this age and have noticed that where I once looked carefully at a trash truck to watch for feet that might back out unexpectedly, I now tend to look away because the flashers are so bright they hurt on a foggy day.  The trucks are bright yellow.  Do they really need flashers to make them more visible?

I really don’t want the disaster of hurting or killing someone. I’m sure the workers don’t want the disaster of being hurt or killed.  Were these flashers really tested?

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