Telemarketers, Scammers or Political Operatives?

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Since March hordes of people have been getting calls recorded in Spanish on their cell phones. Those that played along were either told that they reached a wrong number or that they’d won a contest. One caller reportedly was able to keep an operator on the line for 20 minutes feeding her phony credit card numbers and expiration dates.

STOP THE CALLS – Several victims suggested storing the harassing numbers with a  no buzz no ring setting. Reporting the calls to the FCC if you’re on the do not call list may help build a case but is largely ineffectual since the number on the caller ID is not the number that the calls originate from and the FCC is only set up to go after people if you completely identify them.

Most people are hanging up in annoyance and blaming telemarketers or scammers. Could these be politically-inspired calls? They started recently, they’re creating at least some anti-Hispanic tension and the immigration bills are being hotly discussed. Coincidence?

Just A Thought.

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