The Best Shade Tree

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 If you’re new to the Community Planner Game on Abrupt Climate Change see the premise here. (You don’t need to be a Community Planner to give your ideas.)

Oaks and maples seem to be very popular for municipal shade trees.  But if your community needs to be a net food exporter at some point (a goal of the game) what about nut trees?Yes, they can be messy but nut trees need approximately 20 years to mature and they can withstand colder temperatures. Some nut trees will ‘poison’ the ground below them so you can’t plant vegetables even after you take down the trees. Is it worth the aggravation to have a future source of protein along the town streets?A grant may get you going http://www.americanforests.org/news/display.php?id=160

Info on:

 Black Walnuts http://www.americanforests.org/productsandpubs/magazine/archives/2002summer/inprofile.php

Carpathian Walnuts




Do you have better sites to evaluate trees? Let me know.



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