Nannies are Not Maids

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It really helps if you figure out your Maid’s goals. before hiring her.

You thought the caste system in India was rigid?

In the 4 months between my daughter’s attendance at full-time kindergarten and the birth of my son I came up with the idiotic plan of allowing my fabulous Nanny to take the place of the maid. In my defense, Bella normally kept the house sparkling. I came home to everything in its place and a clean kitchen.

Bella understood that I really didn’t want to pay her for a full week when I only needed her for 2 ½ hours a day. Taking the place of the maid while the children were at school seemed perfectly reasonable.

Wrong. The status of the Maid is infinitely below that of the Nanny. After 4 months of a filthy house I discovered that she had been so embarrassed that ‘she hadn’t even told her husband that she was cleaning toilets.’ Even jobs she had cheerfully done on a voluntary basis as a Nanny, took on a demeaning status when she did them as “The Maid.”



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