Which Maid to Hire – The Family Service?

Posted in Hiring A Maid at 7:47 pm

There is another type of ‘service’. This is the enterprising immigrant who can speak English with a number of her friends who can’t. Five or more may descend upon your house and in a short period of time they’re done.  One might dust, another sweep, another vacuum, another mop, one does the bathrooms and one the kitchen. If they come when you’re home it’s best to go sit in the car – otherwise you’ll be in someone’s way. If light switches aren’t someone’s job, slimy switches are not going to be noticed and taken care of.
Service employees aren’t flexible. You’re not going to be able to work with them to get things done your way. They may be an option when you first move to town, while you make the contacts you need so that you can network your way to a good maid.

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