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Where You’re At & Where You’re Going

The interview is most important. Many maids feel that they should not move things. It is important to discover if this includes dust.

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Does your maid:

  • Feel that under the bed is an expanse that should not be explored by mortals?
  • Think you enjoy games of hide & seek so she should hide your husband’s crucial tools in places like the utensil jar on the kitchen counter?
  • Think the furry cucumber in the refrigerator is your child’s science experiment?
  • Think your child’s science experiment – labeled DO NOT THROW OUT – is trash?
  • Think that as long as she would never dream of stealing anything, it doesn’t matter if she vacuums out your drawers & accidentally vacuums up the contents of the jewelry box?
  • Neglect the streak of chocolate on the wall right under the cobweb she was on the ladder to clean. (This blog does not cover how it got there. You don’t want to know.)
  • Think you will have no problem finding the books she replaces on the shelf because they are in backwards?
  • Think running round the house chasing dust bunnies with the hose in the blower end of the vacuum is the best way to deal with dust? (My mother swears her first maid did this.)

Are you suffering a slow burn every time you come home & find something amiss but aren’t really ready to fire your maid?

Most maids are honest, hard-working people that neglected to take the course in mind-reading that they really needed for the job. Minimal English is often dispensed with if a friend or child can be used to communicate.  Often they are supporting a family on a very low hourly income. They’re working long hours to try to give their families good lives and they’re tired.

Don’t want to pay attention to your maid and just want to pay her a minimal amount for a minimal job? Any number of people will be happy to oblige.  But YOU don’t have to have the maid of the mediocre job.


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